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Advice & Accuracy Warning!

Please Read & Understand

Information contained in the course or the associated action plan is of a General Nature Only. It does not constitute financial or taxation advice.

The personal information entered into Fintor’ Action Plan Workbook by you including objectives, needs, and circumstances has not been authenticated, validated, or verified by Fintor or its team of qualified professionals. As such, no assurances can be provided as to the appropriateness or correctness of any information, strategies, calculations, or other benefits mentioned in the course or the associated workbooks.

Work Book Calculations

The Action Plan (workbook) in certain sections contains calculations that are in their basic form and require complex software to accurately measure and articulate a projected outcome. Where possible, a warning has been provided to illustrate that the calculation is likely to be incorrect.

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Our Recommendation

We recommend that you obtain personal advice to validate, correct and check all the information provided to ensure its appropriateness to your specific personal objectives, financial situation, and particular needs before making any decision or acting on any of the information contained in this workbook.

Education & Advice

At the completion of this course, a significant discount of over 40% or more to formalise the work you complete in the course will be provided.  This offer has been made to provide the peace of mind that once your inputs have been verified, corrected, and authenticated, Fintor’s financial services license will stand behind the education it provides.