Education & Advice

Education & Advice

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Education & Advice

This course has been designed by Fintor’s team of qualified Financial Planners, Mortgage Brokers and Tax Specialists to help Australians from all walks of life better their Financial Future.

The education and the course are NOT meant to replace personalised financial advice, nor under any circumstances should the lessons be considered Financial Advice or Product Advice.

Fintor’s Financial Education

This course, the lessons and any tools which are provided are produced by Fintor Education Pty Ltd. Fintor Education Pty Ltd does not hold an Australian Financial Services License and is not able to provide Financial Advice OR Mortgage Broking services.

In each of Fintor’s courses, the teachings and the content have been constructed 100% by Fintor’s team of licensed professionals for the sole purpose of improving financial literacy, whilst simultaneously reducing the cost of financial advice.

Education with Purpose

Each course and the associated action plans are designed to work in conjunction with Fintor’s team of Licensed Financial Professionals. By completing this course, should you choose to seek professional advice, Fintor will offer a 40% discount on any advice fee. Saving you potentially $$$

This is achieved by you seeking the knowledge to better your financial future, which saves Fintor time and effort in its investigations and our business processes – so we pass the savings onto you!

The Fintor Group

The Fintor group of companies has been strategically designed from the ground up to facilitate a partnership between Education, Financial Planning and Mortgage Broking services allowing for an optimum and holistic client experience.

Both the Financial Planning and Mortgage Broking Businesses have distinct services, are governed by separate Licensees and are run by our team of dedicated and highly qualified professionals who will provide the highest levels of support, education and advice across both service offerings to help you better your financial future.

Government Regulation

Both Financial Planning and Mortgage Broking services are complex and unique industries subject to a range of ever-changing legislative requirements for which it is imperative that Fintor is compliant at all times. It is for this reason that Fintor engages with separate licensees for each of these services to ensure they are individually represented by the best possible industry leader available even though our advice often results in these separate offerings working together.

Fintor’s Education

Fintor’s financial education offering has been designed by qualified professionals who are both employed and licensed by the Fintor group of companies. All education provided by Fintor is of a general nature and doesn’t constitute nor is it designed to replace personalised financial advice. The financial education programs are designed to inform and empower with the ultimate goal of streamlining and reducing the cost of receiving personal advice if still required.  

Financial Advice

Any financial advice recommendations will always be presented in a formalised Statement of Advice (SoA) in line with current legislative requirements. These services will be provided by Fintor Pty Ltd who is a Corporate Authorised Representative (No.1288780) of Capstone Financial Planning Pty Ltd. ABN 24 093 733 969. Australian Financial Services Licence No. 223135. 

To learn more about these services please read the Capstone Financial Plannings financial services guide which can be accessed by clicking the below link:

Financial Services Guide

Mortgage Broking

Any recommendations that result in a Lending product (i.e. home loan / Personal loan) being recommended by Fintor will be issued under Australian Finance Group Ltd AFG, Australian Credit License ACL  389087.

Australian Financial Groups’ credit guide is customised to the individual and our company’s current information and business. The most current credit guide will be provided at the first meeting with a Fintor representative.