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First Home Buyers Education Centre

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Let’s get you onto the property market!

Learn how a professional team of Financial Advisers, Mortgage Brokers & Accountants optimise your banking, protect your goals and gain access to government benefits and savings to make your property goal a reality.


Manage Your Cashflow

Understand the importance of structure and how basic adjustments can make a huge difference.


Protect Your Goal​

Learn the importance of protection in both creating your savings plan and keeping your property.


Create Your Wealth​

Optimise government incentives & create savings easier than you thought possible.

The average Australian saves for 5.8 years to buy their first home.

Let’s buy your home in the next year!

Don’t delay your first step onto the property market.

Debunk the myths around buying your first home

These are the common statements Fintor hears first home buyers make. If you have said any of these statements this course is for you!

  • I can’t buy a property because I have less than a 20% deposit
  • I can’t get a loan because I have a student HELP debt
  • I’m single — the banks won’t lend to me
  •  Lenders’ Mortgage Insurance protects me
  • My bank is the best option because I have a banking history with them
  • I can’t buy a home because I have minimal savings
  • My banks Pre-Approval means that I can purchase any property
  • If my parents guarantee my home loan, they’ll be out of pocket
  • I’m a small business owner so the banks won’t lend to me

Key Insights From a Qualified Team of Financial Advisers, Mortgage Brokers & Accountants

Fintor’s First Home Buyers course will equip you with the knowledge to purchase your first home. Our service doesn’t have to stop with this course as our team is able to help get you pre-approved for your home and help advise you on financial strategies to create additional savings.

Learn how a team of financial professionals qualify your financial situation, create structures to help you save and use a tailored and easy to follow financial methodology to realise your dream of property ownership.

Mortgage Brokers

The course, quizzes and assignments allow our mortgage brokers to easily qualify you for your home loan. The teachings will also help to establish a financial structure that you can implement to assess your ability to afford your loan and prove to the banks your abilities.

Financial Planners

The course, quizzes and assignments allow our Financial Adviser to establish your current situation, goals and objectives. and this information is used to show you the benefit of different savings strategies and potential tax incentives provided by the Australian government. The course allows our team of Financial Advisers to save considerable time on investigations, research and education and the result is significant discounts on any advice fee!

1. Cashflow Management

Cashflow management is the foundation of any beneficial financial plan. This course will help you identify potential income sources, understand your tax & potential minimisation strategies, your current spending and much more. The course will also demonstrate how a team of financial planners and mortgage brokers structure clients’ banking to make them look good to the banks and to take advantage of their savings potential!

2. Protect your goal & your property

Saving to purchase a property can take considerable time and life will likely throw a few challenges your way in this time. Normally there is added risk when you purchase your first property because you may potentially have larger commitments. This course will clearly explain how a team of financial professionals protect their clients from these challenges, whilst protecting their goals and objectives which have already been achieved.

3. Savings Strategies & Government Benefits

The course will look at a wide variety of strategies that you can consider to both minimise tax and importantly create additional savings so you can afford your first property. You will learn about multiple government incentives and how to optimise these incentives to your advantage.

What’s Included

Our courses are designed to promote learning and encourage you to research and apply the teachings to your own circumstances.


Each section within the course contains a short quiz to highlight the key concepts from each lesson. They’re designed to reinforce the practical learnings to better help you apply them to your own personal circumstances.


The course will ask you to apply what you have learnt to your own personal financial situation so you can see the net practical benefits of the course. Don’t worry, the assignments are easy, intuitive and very useful!

Action Plan

A clearly articulated Action Plan will help you to define your goals and objectives by combining the practical lessons from this course with direct action on how it can benefit your personal situation.

First Home Buyers Advice Savings

40% off

Complete this course and all quizzes and assignments and receive 40% off professional advice fees!